Jul 9, 2010

Malaysia win over German!

Aku tgh syok2 men internet smbil google pasal WORLD CUP tjumpe pulak gambar nie... Ape2 pun kepada tuan punya gmbar mintak maaf ye... :D

So, can this OCTOPUS PAUL be trusted? Hahahahah~ or perhaps he is choosing the one whose going to lose?

Jul 7, 2010

My Cat Eat Kangkung -_-"

This is Momo, my lovely cat; weight 6kg.

I adopted him before last year on 10th October

at Bubu Shelter.

He was so small at that time... So cute!

(Start comparing how big he is right now!)

Oh2~ Okay back to the story, I've bought kangkung for my rabbit but the one who are excited to eat the kangkung was Momo. Here are some pictures!

At first, I thought he only wanted to sniff. And I'm wrong~

yummy2~ Wonder if Momo really wants to turn himself into vegetarian, it would save my money a lot~ I'll buy lots and lots vegetables for you Momo!