Nov 30, 2009

Three Aboriginal Peoples on One Bike

Time : A long time ago~
Place : Rural area in Pahang

A long time ago, in a place called Batu Sawar, there were three aboriginal people planning to go to pasar malam in Jengka 25. They were so excited as Batu Sawar is a rural area and there is no such thing like pasar malam in there.

Let's name this three fellas as Awang, Mok and Sewok.

They have promised to go to the pasar malam together but the problem was, among them thre was only one person who happened to have motorcycle which was Mok. Mok was so confused as he had to choose only one person to ride the motorcycle with him.

Awang seemed hoping to go to the pasar malam since he had something to buy for his wife. Sewok was making cat-sad face, he really wanted to go there as he had never been to pasar malam at all.

"I must go to that pasar malam! I had no chance to go there before. This is my only chance! Mok always chooses Awang! I need to do something about this!" think Sewok.

As for Mok, he cannot sleep at that night. He was thinking the way of solving this problem. He cannot disappoint neither one of them.

"Ah-hah! I have an idea!" cheered Mok. He knew his plan was going to work.

He rushed to Awang and Sewok and told them about his idea. They both agreed and they went to pasar malam at that night.

Mok, Awang and Sewok were viewing Felda's view happily. Three of them were riding Mok's motorcycle together! It happened to be there was a road-block en route to the pasar malam. But as for aboriginal people they did not know what road-block actually was at that time. The policeman tried to stop them as the passengers were over the limit.

Mok, Awang and Sewok was so shocked. They had been thinking that guy must be crazy!

Three of them shouted to the policeman, "Sir! This motorcycle don't have enough space and we cannot take any lodgers!"

The police stunted and replied, "It is not about that matter. Your motorcycle does not have any headlight! Stop!"

Mok replied, "Not only the headlight but also the break!"

And there, those three passed through the policeman happily and they arrived at the pasar malam.

The End

Moral of Stories : Sharing is loving

Nov 28, 2009

Ebru again~

Still searching for Ebru~

If anyone would want to blame me on releasing Ebru, please reconsider about my situation. I know I did the worng action but apart of releasing her I don't have any choice than, I have asked my brother to lend me some money for Ebru, and he's agreed.
I am so sorry
The reason I owe my brother some money is because my fund
(which is actually my pocket money and I can tell you that I haven't eat for past two days because I only left RM.050 in my purse! It's humiliating to tell this but I need to be straight to the point since some of you might be thinking what is it so complicated about Ebru)
is limited and we're not afford to help Ebru. Plus minus I have three kitten with me which is also under medication. Since, we don't have enough fund, do please understand our capacity.

I will try to search for Ebru as soon as possible. I promise!

Nov 25, 2009

Update about Ebru

Do you still remember Ebru?

Yes, the cute female cat with large blue eyes which have sporotrichosis and it is infecting her tail badly~

After consulting with few people
I've finally decided to return Ebru to the place she's belong to before.


Because I need to do so since

1) I'm going to move out soon

2) I have a lot of work to do that sometimes I unintentionally abandoned her.

3) Just that, if I put a long list of reason you will says that's so lame (wtv)

Why I release her now? Why I did not wait just for awhile?

1) Because if I release her now, I am staying nearby, so I can observe her progress in adapting back the environment

2) I can still pick her up if the environment are not suitable for her
(I think I choose the right place because it is her "home" before)

Why don't I sent her to the SPCA or any other shelter?

1) Because they are going to put her to sleep or to be precise to KILL her

2) I don't want to feel that Ebru is unwanted anymore, it is devastating and makes me worried so much how people going to treat her

So, it is just like to choose the lesser of two evils

Why I took her in the first place if I'm just going to return her back?

1) My intention is to cure her, rehab and return or rehome
for those who "don't know" what rehab is please go and search the meaning at Google

2) My opinion, after I dressed her tail at least those who hate cats so much wouldn't kick her at least. -_-"

How, she's going to eat outside?

1) Everyone at Unisel's cafe know her - they are kind-hearted and always spare her some food.

2) She is a stray cat when I pick her up, she is used to the environment, she even dare to go to the outside of my house.

Why don't you let Ebru stays at outside of your house?

Are you crazy?!!!!!!!
The dogs going to kill her!
There's a lot of stray dogs at my rent house, I don't why, but their population is increasing and they keep on producing.
So, there will be like a bunch of naughty young dog will chase the helpless cat around.
I even saw it with my 4 eyes! [I wear spectacles B-)]

Ebru wants to go out from the pet carrier, so I free her

Ebru on my laps (well, it sadden me to let her go) but I don't have any choice then.

I would love to extend the time~ and wait for her progress until she is fully recovered with vet confirmation.

but I don't have enough fund even to sent her to the vet - Do please understand

Why don't I asks for more fund?

My answer would be "..............."

For those who are funding for Ebru's medication, I am truly SORRY

this is the best way that I can do

I've said before, I would try to help stray cats just within my capacity and not beyond my other commitment.

Any reply for this post kindly send your email to me at:

p/s: the green questions are the questions that have been asked to me before

Nov 10, 2009

Buy Cute Paw T-shirt!!! Now!!!

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Each t-shirt is priced at RM20.00

Buy the t-shirt donate to the animal strays

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Nov 7, 2009

Donation Box is Closed

new update about Ebru

today, I sent her to the MyAnimalCare panel clinic

The vet has check again upon her and this time, more information were given to me

and they advise me on how to treat Ebru later

My Animal Care decide to help me with Ebru medical expenses

Thanks to Miss Chan Kah Yein and everyone involve.

For those who still want to make donation, you may do so

by donating

1) cat's dry food

2) sand litter

3) litter box

you also may adopt two of the kitten that I've been rescued before~

Nov 3, 2009

Please help me undergo surgery~

this cat needs to undergo a surgery...

delay treatment would caused death and her disease may infect other cat(s) and human too

i've seek for vet advices and now she's in the vet keep.

do please donate some because the it cost a lot for her treatment

Help me to help her

Even a little help may means a lot

For further information, do please contact me.

All the donation is only for this cat.

Once, I have collected enough funds, the donation box may be closed.

Please, please, please help me to help this poor kitten.

For further information you may mail me at:

I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.

- Abraham Lincoln (16th U.S. President)