Oct 15, 2010

Top Ten Dangerous Road in the World

How we determine the road is dangerous?
A) Lots of hazards that may appear in many different forms; 
for instance, poor weather, drunk drivers, 
and simple human error can all complicate an otherwise uneventful journey. 

B) On the other hand, 
sometimes the condition of the road itself can put your life in jeopardy.
Some of the following roads appear normal, 
but actually have high death rates. 
Others just look outrageously insane. 

C) Some roads fall into both categories.

This list is dedicated to all the white-knuckled, terrified drivers who are forced to brave dangerous roads – and to all the crazies who navigate them for fun.

10. Grand Trunk Road (India)

GT is considered dangerous NOT because of risky heights or disheartening road conditions, 
but because of the traffic congestion
Trucks, buses, bicycles, pedestrians, and animals have turned parts of this heavily-used road into a major headache. 
If you’re planning to drive here, you’ll want to be as alert as possible. Photo: by Beardy Git

9. San Isidro de General – Cartago (Costa Rica)

8. Sichuan - Tibet Highway (China)

7. Skippers Road (New Zealand)

6. Halsema Highway (Philippines) 

5. Patiopoulo Perdikaki road (Greece) 

4. Luxor – al – Hurghada Road (Egypt)


3. Fairy Meadows Road (Pakistan)

2. Nairobi – Nakuru – Eldoret Highway (Kenya)

As anyone who’s ever driven a car before knows, a road can qualify as dangerous without having muddy, hairpin turns thousands of feet in the air. People die on roads around the world because of other irresponsible drivers, and that’s why this road in Kenya made it onto the list. It looks like a decent place to drive, but speeding, unsafe passing attempts, and drunk driving have inflated the death toll to over 300 every year.
In other words, you might actually have a better chance of surviving on one of those precarious mountain roads.

1. Old Yungas Road (Bolivia)

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, the title for World’s Most Dangerous Road goes to Bolivia’s old Yungas Road, which twists and turns for about 40 miles between the capital city of La Paz and the town of Coroico in the Yungas jungle region. If other roads seem risky, the old Yungas Road is nothing less than a suicide mission.
Built in the 1930s by Paraguayan prisoners of war, the Yungas Road was until recently the main route from La Paz to Bolivia’s northern Amazon rainforest region. Dropping nearly 12,000 feet in overall elevation, the road is extremely narrow, subject to frequent landslides and fog, and offers no protection from the sheer cliffs that drop straight down for a couple thousand feet. Before a modernized and safer route was completed in 2006, somewhere between 100-200 fatalities occurred every year, and the roadside is presently littered with crosses and memorials. For obvious reasons, locals have given it a simple yet somber nickname – Death Road.
By the way, there are quite a few companies in La Paz that offer extreme bike tours of the Yungas Road for adventure seekers. If you like teasing death, then this is the road for you.

*I wonder why Malaysia are not included? Hurm... Wonder which road? 
Rawang to Batang Berjuntai road
Genting Highlands highway

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