Nov 30, 2009

Three Aboriginal Peoples on One Bike

Time : A long time ago~
Place : Rural area in Pahang

A long time ago, in a place called Batu Sawar, there were three aboriginal people planning to go to pasar malam in Jengka 25. They were so excited as Batu Sawar is a rural area and there is no such thing like pasar malam in there.

Let's name this three fellas as Awang, Mok and Sewok.

They have promised to go to the pasar malam together but the problem was, among them thre was only one person who happened to have motorcycle which was Mok. Mok was so confused as he had to choose only one person to ride the motorcycle with him.

Awang seemed hoping to go to the pasar malam since he had something to buy for his wife. Sewok was making cat-sad face, he really wanted to go there as he had never been to pasar malam at all.

"I must go to that pasar malam! I had no chance to go there before. This is my only chance! Mok always chooses Awang! I need to do something about this!" think Sewok.

As for Mok, he cannot sleep at that night. He was thinking the way of solving this problem. He cannot disappoint neither one of them.

"Ah-hah! I have an idea!" cheered Mok. He knew his plan was going to work.

He rushed to Awang and Sewok and told them about his idea. They both agreed and they went to pasar malam at that night.

Mok, Awang and Sewok were viewing Felda's view happily. Three of them were riding Mok's motorcycle together! It happened to be there was a road-block en route to the pasar malam. But as for aboriginal people they did not know what road-block actually was at that time. The policeman tried to stop them as the passengers were over the limit.

Mok, Awang and Sewok was so shocked. They had been thinking that guy must be crazy!

Three of them shouted to the policeman, "Sir! This motorcycle don't have enough space and we cannot take any lodgers!"

The police stunted and replied, "It is not about that matter. Your motorcycle does not have any headlight! Stop!"

Mok replied, "Not only the headlight but also the break!"

And there, those three passed through the policeman happily and they arrived at the pasar malam.

The End

Moral of Stories : Sharing is loving

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