Nov 28, 2009

Ebru again~

Still searching for Ebru~

If anyone would want to blame me on releasing Ebru, please reconsider about my situation. I know I did the worng action but apart of releasing her I don't have any choice than, I have asked my brother to lend me some money for Ebru, and he's agreed.
I am so sorry
The reason I owe my brother some money is because my fund
(which is actually my pocket money and I can tell you that I haven't eat for past two days because I only left RM.050 in my purse! It's humiliating to tell this but I need to be straight to the point since some of you might be thinking what is it so complicated about Ebru)
is limited and we're not afford to help Ebru. Plus minus I have three kitten with me which is also under medication. Since, we don't have enough fund, do please understand our capacity.

I will try to search for Ebru as soon as possible. I promise!

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